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Ultimate Motorcycle Carrier: Call: (708) 479-5100 or (800) 573-0802 for Questions and ordering information.

Note: Pricing and Freight are subject to change at any time without notice!

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This is not a "Low Buck" Carrier with wire cables and pulleys, and there are no Hydraulics to worry about!

This is the highest Quality Powder Coated Carrier with a "Rack & Pinion" Lift system.

*This carrier includes (2) 3" X 3" square receivers, custom made for your application.

If your Budget allows, this is the Carrier you want.......

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For Full Dress Harley, Honda Goldwing, BMW and other large and small motorcycles
Shown in various Applications (1,000 lb. Capacity)
Class A
Motor Home
Motor Home

Ultimate Carrer - 2019 - * Unit weighs just 330 lbs.

Ultimate Motorcycle Carrier

RV Motorcycle Lift

Swing out option: 2016

Ultimate Carrier

Ultimate Swing out style for easy rear access to vehicle



Harley-Davidson V-Rod on Motor Home
Carrier in retracted position
* Lift is operated with any 18 volt rechargeable 3/8 power Drill

Other Carriers are not in the same category as our Carrier, a comparison is more like apples and oranges,

  • How much maintenance is required for the cable and pulleys?
  • There are no Cables or pulleys to worry about or maintain.
  • Does your lift system have cables, like others advertised?
  • Our lift mechanism is much like a "Rack and Pinion" set up for steering automobiles. (very heavy duty) no maintenance.
  • Is there any other benefit to using the Rack & Pinion type of lift?
  • You can actually lift the rear wheels of the vehicle off the ground, as a hydraulic jack would, by putting the carrier in a full down position.
  • What kind of electrical connection do I have to have installed?
  • None.... Any 18 volt or equivalent, battery operated drill will power the lift.
  • Will my Class 5 receiver work with your Ultimate Carrier?
  • No.... This carrier comes with (2) Oversize, 3" X  3" female receivers that are to be welded outboard, (on each side of the center) to the rear frame of the truck.
  • How long is the Ramp?
  • Unlike other most other carriers, (they use a ramp to load the bike) our Ultimate Carrier uses Rack and Pinion lifting, powered by any 18 volt battery powered drill with a drive socket to fully lift and lower your Harley. (no ramp needed)
  • How many people are needed to load and unload my bike?
  • Only one person is needed to load and unload your bike.
  • The carrier lowers completely to the ground so you can drive your bike into position, to tie down.
  • How many people are needed to attach the carrier to my truck?
  • Only one person is needed to attach and detach the carrier from your truck for storage.
  •  What kind of support do you offer for me and / or my installer?
  • Complete email & phone support for you or your installer.
  • How long does installation take?
  • Estimated installation / welding time: (4 to 8 hours maximum) at your installers labor rate.
  • How much does the carrier weigh?
  • Weight of Carrier: Approximately 330lbs.
  • Can I use this carrier and still tow something?
  • Yes, see the optional extension for your tow bar, listed in options below.
  • What options are available?
  • Available option: 05-0002 Option: Extension for tow bar $480.95
  • Available swing out option: $1,095.95 / Weight of option: Approximately 60lbs.

* Some of these products come from Canada, so there may be a change in pricing due to the exchange rate.

Example, Your Cost:

Ultimate Carrier: $4,899.95
Swing out option: $1,095.95
Example / Freight to Wise VA: $569.55

Total: $6,565.45

Phone order only!  Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express

Part Number & Description:
02-0011 Ultimate Motorcycle Carrier with lift  (* as shown) ....................................$4,899.95
* No ramp is needed with the Ultimate!
02-0012  Option: Swing-out  .............................................................................................$1,095.95
05-0002  Option: Extension for tow bar ........................................................................ $480.95
02-0010  Standard Motorcycle Carrier, with fixed platform and ramp for motorcycle .............$1,443.95       
The Ultimate Motorcycle Carrier with lift  ( *as shown)  
# 02- 0011 - $4,399.95

* No ramp is needed with the Ultimate Carrier!
* You must add the Freight charge for delivery to your area.
The Carrier is shipped in (3) boxes for easy handling and with complete instructions.

Option: Swing-out # 02-0012
* Additional Freight on this option figured upon purchase.
Option: Extension for tow bar # 05-0002
* Additional Freight on this option figured upon purchase.
Standard Fixed platform Carrier with ramp for motorcycle
# 02-0010 - $1,443.95
* Additional Freight on this option figured upon purchase.
Add Freight for: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada areas - $575.00
* Freight Shipping to the lower 48 states, only.....
 Freight Rates:
Add Freight for: New York & Ohio Areas - $561.93   
Add Freight for: Florida, Georgia & Illinois areas: $560.80
Add Freight for: Virginia and Washington DC areas: $569.65

Add Freight for: California, Colorado, Texas & Washington areas: $624.60

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