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Model: CCRT Powerlite® 325

3.25 hp Tecumseh engine
16" clearing width
25' throw distance*
1,100 lbs per minute*
Recoil or Electric Start

List Price:

Model: 38600/38602
Snow Commander® Series Snowthrower

7 hp R*Tek® Engine
24" Clearing Width
35' Throw Distance*
1,900 lbs per minute*
Recoil or Electric Start

List Price:


Model: 824 Power Throw
Gas Two Stage Power Throw® Snowthrower

8 hp Tecumseh 4-Cycle Engine
24" clearing width
35' throw distance*
600 lbs per minute*
5 Forward, 2 Reverse Speeds

List Price:

Two Stage Power Shift®

Series Overview
Featuring Toro's exclusive Power Shift System, Serrated Drum Augers and Independent Traction, these machines deliver the performance you need to clear plow packed snow with ease. Electric start is standard on all Two Stage Power Shift models and they're backed by Toro's 2 Year Full Warranty.

Manufacturer's Suggested
List Price:

Electric Series

2 Year Warranty
Compact Size
Easy to use!

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Series Overview
Lightweight but hardworking, Toro® electric snowthrowers tackle snow with plenty of power and maneuverability

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