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My name is Marty, I represent "Total Marketing Concept" we have created a way to sell more of your own listings, increase sales 30% this year while lowering your advertising costs.

It's easy too!

We sat down with professionals like you and asked what they needed to make more money.

The top answer was: "Send me more qualified customers ready to buy".

We all get tired of the lookers.... tired of spending time with no results.

The # 2 answer was: "We need a lower cost way to advertise our listings".

We all would love to have a full page of pictures for every listing, but we all know what that would cost..... Just not financially practical...  But if we could, we would.

"That would sure help to qualify the customer"

When some one has looked at all the pictures of a house, the interior rooms, exterior pictures from all angles, the place on the block and then calls you.... He has qualified himself, and is interested in this property.....

( just like a repeat visit, from some one you previously showed a home to )

Now you have a customer that is ready to negotiate and close the sale. No time wasted here...

Most Agents agree?

Here is our Plan:

We will take the pictures and put your listing on our Real Estate Website.

No upfront advertising costs, No sale, no advertising fee due!  $100 advertising fee due when the property is sold & closes, call for details!

Use a small text ad in the local or Chicago newspapers, at the end say:

      Preview this property & details at:

They will find your listing in the directory, with full details and up to 10 color pictures!

Check out the web site for details and costs.

Any questions, call me on my cell: (708) 921-1222

Or you can order and pay online,  give details in your e-mail, we will take of the rest.

Thank You,

This Really works,  Usually the costs are so high, you only see it on the "Big Dollar" Properties.  With our Plan you can use it for all of your listings!

Call Now, to get started!

If you have other online needs, let me know.  I can help.

Thank you, for your time....

Marty Zamecnik
Total Marketing Concept
(708) 921-1222

This is an advertising plan for Real Estate Agents & Brokers in the local area.

     I will take pictures (up to 10 per listing, interior & exterior) and put them online, with all the listing details and information for your customers to preview your listings. No payment is due until the listing sells and closes. No upfront advertising costs. If the listing does not sell and expires, no fee due. When the listing is sold and at closing, a $100 advertising fee is due.

*  Remember! to sell more of your own listings, place a small text ad, in the newspaper,  about the listing,  and say,
Preview this home at:

Call me for more details.

Thank you,

Marty Zamecnik
Total Marketing Concept
(708) 921-1222

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