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About Us
     We don't just offer products, we also offer a high-level of service, from installation of your selections to custom design consultation. Our professional design consultants will meet with you to determine what will best suit your design needs, residential or commercial, holiday or special event. With our Consultants you can choose from a wide variety of beautiful and creative designs for holiday or any occasion. We can custom design and build a display for any special event or function.
Design consultation:
Our professional design consultants will meet with you to determine your lighting needs, whether it be holiday, event, home, or business. We can assist in designing a display, discuss and expand on your ideas, and offer advice as to the best type of lighting for what you want to accomplish.
Custom built displays:
Do you have a custom lighted display idea? Or a special event, trade show, grand opening, party? Our experienced lighting technicians can build displays based on your design ideas.
If you've ever decorated, especially outdoors, you know that it can be time-consuming and, even using our "Linkables system", you still need to consider ladders, weather conditions, and the like. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all installed for you?
Service and maintenance:
How many times have you unpacked last years lights only to find bulbs broken, missing, or unlit? And, in some cases of more complex displays, special wiring may be required. Our lighting technicians are trained to offer you the highest quality service and maintenance on your lighted decorations. They will replace bulbs, repair damage, and do any necessary wiring to insure a safe and lasting display.
Take-down and packaging:
As easy as our products are to install and take down, wouldn’t it be nice to have it done for you? All wrapped and safely packaged for storage? And, we can contact you at a pre-determined time to arrange scheduling for upcoming holidays - one less thing you need remember.
* All of our installers and design consultants are thoroughly and professionally trained. We have distributors and installers across the country. For more information, please Contact Us:
Phone: (800) 856-9303

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