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Quick Carrier FAQs
  Frequently Asked Questions for the Quick Dirtbike carrier

Question:  What is the price?
Introductory Special Offer, for a limited time: $299.95 Plus Free Shipping!

Question:  If You don't need Tie Downs, how does the Dirtbike stay on the Carrier?
You Roll the dirtbike up the ramp until the front tire drops in to the alignment slot, then Push down on the Center Vertical Padded hold down bar. This will compress the suspension of the Dirtbike and that tension will hold the dirtbike in place on the carrier. Then set the hold down bar, to secure the dirtbike.

Question:  Is Free delivery still available?

Question:  Is a ramp included?

Question:  How soon will I receive the carrier ?
Free shipping via FedEX asks that you allow 4 to 14 working days for delivery of your carrier.

Question:  Will the carrier damage my seat ?
No.  But, placing a towel, or other soft material between the seat and the center tie down arm, will further protect the seat.

Question: Will your carrier clear my spare tire on the rear of my vehicle ?
Yes, the carrier is designed to sit back far enough to clear the spare tires that we find on most Vans, SUVs and RVs.  

Question:  What hitch receiver do I need ?
Class (3) Hitch receivers, with a square 2 tube.

Question: Can I still tow a trailer while using your carrier ?
If your tow vehicle has the rated capacity, (see your vehicle specifications & limits) Northern Tool makes an adapter to allow you to tow a small boat or trailer with the Motorcycle Carrier attached.
* Other people tell us they have used our carrier and towed a boat / Car using
the adaptor sold from Northern tool 1-800-556-7885 item # 330685-2414  
Dual hitch extension / $49.00

Question:  What is the weight of the carrier?
About 45 lbs.

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