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Motorcycle Carrier - FAQ!  (Click on the Question to go to the Answer)
What is the Price?
How large a motorcycle will the carrier hold?
Do you make a carrier for scooters with smaller wheels?
What is the size & weight of the carrier?
What about receiver slop / stability?
Is the carrier painted, and what color?
Does the carrier include a ramp?
How is the motorcycle secured to the carrier?
What kind of Receiver do I need for the GLF Carrier?
Does the carrier need license plates registration or Title?
What kind of maintenance does the GLF Carrier need?
What is the GLF Carrier made out of?
Is there a warranty?
How is the GLF Carrier shipped?
How long does it take to receive the GLF Carrier?
Can you tow a boat also, when you use the carrier?
Returned items, in unopened packaging, never used, will be subject to a 50% restocking charge.
All items have to be opened & inspected for damage and condition, before any credit is issued to your account.
Items cannot be returned without an RGA # (Returned goods authorization number) issued from us.
For RGA#, contact us at: and explain why you want to return the item.
* Carriers have been purchased in the past and used for 1 time to move a motorcycle and then we were contacted for a return and refund.  If the carrier Packaging has been opened or there is any evidence of use, no return will be accepted and no credit given.